Reimagining Data Privacy

Highly secure, compliant and multi-cloud native 'Data Privacy-as-a-Service', tailor-made for privacy era; built on confidential computing, so data remains confidential during processing as well as at-rest and in-transit.

Backed by Encryption Fabric

A military grade Encryption Engine which encapsulates all the best practices when it comes to encryption algorithms, secret management and key management.

Protected by Trustless Access Control

Sophisticated access management to provide strict limits on how much sensitive data is shared and puts guards around who sees what, when and from where.

Enforces Best Data Privacy Practices

Clearly defines and enforces data privacy policies and responsibilities, which helps organisations understand where sensitive data flows, to meet various compliance control audits.

Automatic Regulatory Compliances

Keep up with the latest changes in a continuously evolving regulatory landscape to ensure compliance.

On top of a State-of-the-art System Architecture

Scalable, resilient, performant and purposefully designed with extensibility in mind to accommodate the current and future requirements of an enterprise.

Exposed via Onqlave API

A sophisticated API that can be easily integrated without sacrificing productivity.

Into the future of data privacy and protection

An efficient, effective approach to protecting data privacy; proactively.

30 min

to go up and running

Developer Friendly

by design
How to get started

Retrieve your API keys and download your language-specific SDK.

Add a few lines of code to integrate Onqlave with your application where you capture sensitive information.

Made by Engineers for Engineers

Our past and present is deeply rooted in building at-scale secure applications on modern cloud-native technologies. Onqlave was born from our need of building secure and privacy first applications. We take great pride in being engineer.