Data security and privacy tools for engineering teams

Implement a fast, scalable and secure application level encryption in minutes

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The Platform

Keep your sensitive data protected with an application level encryption that's fast and scalable.


Our SDK allows you to protect your data without it leaving your environment. Meaning neither your storage or Onqlave can get eyes on it.

Designed for Engineers

Get up and running in minutes, with no disruption to your tech stack.

Data Privacy by Default

Onqlave is building privacy capabilities delivered on the fundamentals of data security. Join our community and be part of the privacy dev tooling movement.

How to get started

Retrieve your API keys and download your language-specific SDK.

Add a few lines of code to integrate Onqlave with your application where you capture sensitive information.

Made by Engineers for Engineers

Onqlave was born from our need of building secure and privacy first applications. Our past and present is deeply rooted in building at-scale secure applications on modern cloud-native technologies.