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Identifiable Data

with just a few lines of code

Onqlave is a simplified API-first encryption-as-a-service platform that adds security and privacy to your apps in less than 5 minutes.

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Build encryption faster using our SDKs

Onqlave works with most mainstream languages and frameworks.

Get started in minutes

Build industry leading data encryption and protection into your application in 3 steps.

Get started in minutes

Build industry leading data encryption and protection into your application in 3 steps.

Get started in minutes

Build industry leading data encryption and protection into your application in 3 steps.

Get started in minutes

Build industry leading data encryption and protection into your application in 3 steps.

There's plenty to keep you up at night


KMS Vulnerabilities

51% of companies are not confident in their key management


Data Breaches

At-rest encryption doesn't protect your data from insider threats or compromised cloud admins


Weak Cryptography

Nearly one in five data breaches result from weak cryptography

Secure your applications, without relying on network or storage

Forget about security at your Network, Cloud, TLS, TDE, Router, Load Balancer, VPN and a lot of other things you don’t really want to deal with.
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End-to-end encryption

Achieve lifecycle end-to-end encryption. Making it impossible to intercept your data while it’s in transit or at rest.
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Principled privacy policy

Staying true to the principles of data protection, the data that you choose to protect never leaves your environment, that means not even Onqlave has view access.
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Security isn't just a feature. It is our foundation.


Secure by default

We are committed to security. Our platform is built on top of the latest security protocols, so you can be confident your data is safe.


Privacy by design

Privacy is our top priority. Your data is encrypted and stored on your servers. Onqlave can't see or access it; neither can anyone else.


Verified by crypto experts

We have a rigorous security process that includes regular third-party audits. This helps us to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Onqlave scales with you, no matter your size.

Data never leaves your infrastructure
----------   Data never leaves your infrastructure

Tinker, and build your MVP with our forever free tier. Secure your data confidently with Onqlave's state-of-the-art encryption engine.


Onqlave supports your ever-growing user base in any region. It scales with your needs in a matter of seconds.


High availability, security and resiliency are the foundations of Onqlave, purposefully architected for enterprises.

Getting started is easy

Integrate the Onqlave encryption engine into your application in 3 minutes and 56 seconds. You won't believe it until you see it.

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What can I encrypt and decrypt using Onqlave Encryption Engine (OE2)?
You can encrypt and decrypt any data, from simple text to binary to files. OE2 is also actively being integrated with libraries to ease the adoption of encryption for different developer communities.
What are the common use cases for using the Onqlave Encryption Engine (OE2)?
The Onqlave distributed trust model strengthens the data security for your most sensitive data, including PII, KYC, healthcare data, financial/payment information and secrets across on-prem, single cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Email us at product@onqlave.com for any specific use case related questions.
What's the current status?
Onqlave is still an alpha product, so the platform is not yet stable enough for production use. While using the alpha version, please expect occasional bugs and limitations. We expect to have the 1st production ready release by October 2023.
How can I report security issues?
The best way is to try out the technologies and let us know your thoughts - it’ll help us keep developing Onqlave’s functionality and see where we can improve. It grows the community too, and we’d always welcome new members. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or our blog for updates, or if you find an issue please email us at security@onqlave.com.
How easy is it to use?
As easy as we can make it. Encryption and decryption seem like a lot of extra effort with a lot of pitfalls. Our aim is to design away the manual effort and risk of error, automating the encryption into a few simple commands. Encryption is greatly simplified by leveraging our hassle free tools and sdks.
How do I learn more about the project?
Read more about Onqlave or check out our GitHub.
Is there live support?
The fastest way to get answers, ideas and feedback is to email us at product@onqlave.com, or post an issue on one of Onqlave's SDK repositories.

Encryption without hassle, for every developer

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